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Should I Purchase an Oceanfront or Beachfront Condominium?

Posted on February 18, 2021 By Mark Arbeit and CO

When looking to purchase a condominium at the Jersey Shore, you must consider whether you want an oceanfront or beachfront location. Both kinds of condominiums come with positives and negatives that buyers should be aware of.

Here we will discuss some of the benefits and drawbacks of both oceanfront and beachfront condominiums:

Beachfront Condominiums

If you’re a beach lover, you are more than likely looking to buy a condo with easy access to the shore’s inviting sands. Having a beachfront condominium comes with many advantages, yet there are things you should look out for as well.

Beachfront Benefits

Imagine being able to sink your toes into the warm sands of the beach just as you step outside the front door? A condominium with beachfront access allows you this enticing pleasure. You’ll be able to wake up each morning and immerse yourself in beach life. Only a few steps from your condo, you will be able to enjoy late nights on the moonlit sands.

Beachfront Drawbacks

There are drawbacks to a condominium located on the beach. If you enjoy your privacy, you may find the increased foot traffic near your home an annoyance. If your condo is near other units used for renting, you might have a continuous rotation of different neighbors throughout the on-season. Renters may not always consider those around them, so noise and activity may be a nuisance.

Oceanfront Condominiums

The major difference between oceanfront and beachfront condominiums is direct access to the beach. Both types of condos have beautiful views of the blue ocean expanse. Oceanfront locations do hold some unique benefits over their beachfront counterparts.

Oceanfront Benefits

The most significant benefit to an oceanfront condominium is the outstanding view of the sea. Typically, oceanfront locations are set on the upper floors of a condo community. You can peer into the distance as the mind escapes the daily stressors of life. Set apart from beachfront areas, your ocean view will be far enough away from the sands that other vacationers shouldn’t negatively impact the experience.

Oceanfront Drawbacks

The most significant drawback to an oceanfront condo is the inability to access the beach areas directly. If you were set on sinking your toes into those fine white grains first thing every morning, an oceanfront location might not be for you. Another aspect to consider is your mobility, especially if you are an older buyer. If an oceanfront condominium is located on the upper floors of a community, you might have difficulty coming and going from your home. This becomes especially important if the condo development lacks an elevator.

Both oceanfront and beachfront condominiums offer outstanding benefits if you carefully consider what you want most out of your vacation home. If you want instant beach gratification, then a beachfront location would fit your needs. If an ocean view’s peaceful serenity is what you desire, then an oceanfront location is the ideal escape.

At Mark Arbeit and Co, we strive to match our clients with the home of their dreams. Whether you are seeking a beachfront, oceanfront, or in-town location, Mark Arbeit and Co will work hard to find exactly what you are looking for. For over a decade, our team has assisted buyers and sellers in the New Jersey shore real estate market. To get started on your new home journey, contact Mark Arbeit and Co today. It’s never too late to buy your dream home in your favorite Jersey Shore neighborhood!