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Life Down the Shore: Making Memories in Margate

Posted on February 20, 2020 By Mark Arbeit and CO

Welcome to the first installment of “Life Down the Shore,” a blog series in which we will examine the qualities of various ‘Shore Towns’ in New Jersey! Leading off, we have the magnificent city of Margate. Here’s everything you need to know about day-to-day life in Margate:

Where Is Margate City, NJ?

Margate is located on Absecon Island in Atlantic County, right next to the City of Ventnor and only a few miles away from the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Depending on where you are coming from, you can take the Garden State Parkway or the Atlantic City Expressway to get to Margate, but you will have to get off at a local exit and take county roads for the final stretch of the trip. Like other Shore Towns, Margate is right on the water, with many impressive oceanfront properties scattered throughout the region. This beachside community epitomizes life down the shore in the most beautiful way.

What Is There to Do in Margate?

Margate is a relatively small community with big beaches and a multitude of charming local attractions. One of the most widely-recognized landmarks in Margate is a six-story, elephant-shaped structure known affectionately as “Lucy the Elephant.” Originally constructed in 1881 by James V. Lafferty, Lucy the Elephant is the oldest surviving roadside tourist attraction in the United States! But that’s not the only historic site to see in margate — you can also check out the Margate Historical Society Museum, which is just a short walk from the water!

Aside from Margate’s historical attractions, there are so many more activities to engage in, like deep sea fishing (or fishing on the pier), swimming in the Shelter Island Bay, trips to Atlantic City, and peaceful beach outings, just to name a few. Take a look at the infographic below to see what it’s like living in Margate, NJ:

Secure Your Shore House in Margate

Are you interested in buying a home in Margate City, NJ? If so, you are not alone — families throughout the Tri-State area have long cherished their vacation sanctuaries down the shore. If you are ready to finally pull the trigger and make the shore house of your dreams a reality, contact us today for help making that happen!