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NEWS FLASH: Ventnor Ordinance Amended
16 Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Ideas Anyone Can Do (Part Two)
16 Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Ideas Anyone Can Do (Part One)
For sale: Jaw-dropper in Margate for $3.195 million
Marvin Gardens Remarkable Renovation Continued Progress!
Now and Then: Our New Listing!
The Renovation Begins….
Remarkable Renovation in Marven Gardens!!
Another REMARKABLE RENOVATION is complete!!
‘Tis the Season…for Renovations!

NEWS FLASH: Ventnor Ordinance Amended

Ventnor Ordinance





Until recently, there was a severe limit to the amount of improvement possible for homes situated below the required elevation. In the past, such homes could only be improved 40% of their market or assessed value every 10 years.

Here’s a hypothetical example:

Let’s say John Doe owns a home in Ventnor that does not meet the required elevation.  He wants to renovate his kitchen and bathrooms. His home is assessed at $450,000.

In the past, Mr. Doe could spend no more than $180,000 (40% of his home’s value) on renovations every 10 years. This put our hypothetical homeowner in a pickle – if he renovated his kitchen, he would have to press pause on the bathroom project until 2027. If he wanted to tackle both projects in this decade, he would have to tear down his entire home and build a new construction.

 Ventnor City Hall



Effective October of 2016, The Board of Commissioners AMENDED the previous ordinance. Now, Ventnor homes can be improved 50% of the market or assessed value EVERY YEAR!

Now, homeowners can take on major renovation projects without tearing down their residence.

Now, your Ventnor home is worth more!

And now, John Doe can renovate his kitchen AND his bathroom – no tear down necessary!

The Mark Arbeit And Co team thanks Mayor Holtzman, Commissioner Landgraf and Commissioner Kriebel for helping preserve our beautiful Ventnor homes!



To view the official amended ordinance, Click Here.

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16 Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Ideas Anyone Can Do (Part Two)

Parkway Brick Home Margate

The curb of your yard, and what can be seen from it, is often overlooked by homeowners. If you want to sell your house, it doesn’t hurt to have some serious visual appeal that captures approval at a distance. Last week, we supplied 8 budget-friendly curb appeal ideas to get you started. Here’s part two!

(P.S. If you missed part one of this series, read the first 8 ideas here.)

9. You’d be surprised what a difference some simple shutters can make for enhancing your windows, visually. Choose the appropriately contrasting paint and enjoy the eye candy.

Via The Handmade Home

10. Concrete is so… gray. Here’s a trick. Use some floor stain and tape to give the appearance of tile. Now that’s slick! Learn more here.

Stain Concrete Curb Appeal Idea

Via Front Porch Ideas and More

11. Are guests having trouble finding your home by the address? Here’s a way to make it near impossible to miss.

Stencil Address on Pretty Planters

Via DIY Show Off

12. Pergolas are great for giving you decor that can grow and be pruned to meet your specific needs.

Update Your Garage

Via Laurries

13. Garage doors don’t have to be “blah.” For less than $10, you can add a little something to give your garage some style.

Update Garage Door

Via Garr Den of Love

14. Amazon has some $23 solar powered spotlights that can give some serious illumination to your yard.

If you need something a little more creative, check out these lighting options.

Light Up Your Yard

Via Amazon

15. Hide the hose! No, that’s not a college drinking game. There are many ways you can have your water hose out of sight and out of mind.

Hose Storage Outdoors
Via Sunset

16. Seriously, can’t we do something about those nasty looking trashcans? Amazon and Plow & Health have some amazing storage sheds that would make Oscar the Grouch feel like he’s living in a condo.

Via Pinterest | Small Sheds


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16 Budget-Friendly Curb Appeal Ideas Anyone Can Do (Part One)


The curb of your yard, and what can be seen from it, is often overlooked by homeowners. If you want to sell your house, it doesn’t hurt to have some serious visual appeal that captures approval at a distance. We’re going to get you rolling with some great ideas to accomplish that mission, while not having to break the bank.

1. Is your house rockin’ an ugly cement foundation? Remedy the eyesore with some faux stone paneling.

Here’s where you can find the paneling.

Fix Cement Foundation Home

Via Faux Panels

2. Electric boxes, piping, and meters are all items that shouldn’t be standing out so starkly. Fix ‘em up with a color-matched paint job.

Need a guide? Check here.
Via Love of Family and Home

3. Has your front door ever made you feel like turning around and going the other way?

Instead of spending a lot more money to replace it, try a healthy coating of paint and some outer molding made of foam. It’s inexpensive by comparison, but just look at the amazing difference it can make. Don’t know how to tackle something like this? Here’s the DIY.

DIY Front Door Makeover

Via Jilly and Mia

4. It’s always pleasant to sit up against a big tree and read a book. It’s even better when you don’t have to worry about ants or grass stains.

Here’s a DIY for building an amazing tree bench.

DIY Tree Bench

Via This Old House

5. Air conditioning units are an eyesore, no matter how you slice it. Here’s an example of how to thoroughly transform the situation.

With a little lattice or some flowering, you can make that big mechanical box essentially disappear.
Via Spirals and Spatulas

6. Boring walls and windows are easy to spice up with some box planters and flowerbeds.

Via Window Box Contest

7. Not much respect is given to mailbox decor. Yet, it’s one of the first things people will likely see when they show up. Might as well make sure they take notice.

Here’s the DIY for this particular makeover. If you want to see some other amazing (and hilarious) mailbox ideas, check this article out.

DIY Mailbox Makeover

Via Beneath My Heart

8. Sometimes even a short stone walkway can make a huge difference in visual appeal.

This one was created by Naturescapes.

DIY Stone Walkway

Via Naturescapes

Check back later this week for 8 more great ideas!


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For sale: Jaw-dropper in Margate for $3.195 million

  • Professional Photography for Luxury Homes
  • Professional Photography Luxury Home

This enormous, waterfront manse in Margate brings a little international flair to South Jersey. There’s the Calcutta marble in the new kitchen and master suite, the Tuscan travertine tiling and the panoramic water views that look like something much more exotic than the bay.

The six-bedroom home was rehabbed last year by Remarkable Renovations, and it shows. The open-plan great room alone boasts 600 square feet of living space and adjoins the luxury kitchen. In addition to the marble, the room features high-end appliances and custom, built-in cabinetry. The listing helpfully explains that with this setup, “the lady of the house commands a full view of all activities while entertaining.”  Whether you’re in a heteronormative living situation or not, the kitchen is pretty impressive.

Around the corner on the first floor is an office, another TV room, and the master suite. The master continues the marble theme and also features a large, claw-foot soaking tub along with dual walk-in closets.

Upstairs is yet another entertaining space with cathedral ceilings and a wet bar as well as additional en-suite bedrooms.
Outside, the large in-ground pool is heated, includes its own spa, and overlooks a dock with room for up to five boats. And in case you’re already worried about rising sea levels, the place meets all FEMA guidelines.

The home is listed by Mark Arbeit at Long and Foster for $3,195,000.

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By:Shannon Rooney, August 25, 2016

Marvin Gardens Remarkable Renovation Continued Progress!

Debbie Buchalski has been keeping herself busy at 2 Circle Drive with Remarkable Renovations! We have some pictures to show you the progress since May…
Be sure to check back soon for more pictures as the process continues!

Now and Then: Our New Listing!

Our new listing has been renovated to perfection!

Here are some before and after pictures:

…and after!
Just 2.5 blocks to the beach this charming 4 BR, 2.5 shore home has been renovated to perfection while maintaining its old world charm.

Read More

The Renovation Begins….

Renovations continue in Marven Gardens and we have the process photographed!

The first stage…

Remarkable Renovation in Marven Gardens!!

Debbie Buchalski, of Remarkable Renovations, has set her sites on a new property in Marven Gardens. She’s provided us with before, during, and after pictures that we are sharing with you!

The “Before” Pictures:

Another REMARKABLE RENOVATION is complete!!

Once more, another home is transformed by Remarkable Renovations!!

115 N. Brunswick is finished, and we have all the beautiful pictures for you to see! Debbie Buchalski and her team outdid themselves, with top-of-the-line hardwood flooring, a granite custom kitchen with SS appliances, and a grand chandelier added to the hallway ceiling.

From That……

…To This!

Visit Remarkable Renovations online at:

‘Tis the Season…for Renovations!

Autumn is a time for change. The leaves turn gold, the weather gets colder, and school begins again. The best thing about this season in the real estate world is that change means beautiful renovations for some of our best properties!
We have two homes that are being transformed. The first, 115 N. Brunswick in Margate, has given us the chance to one again work with the brilliant and talented Debbie Buchalski, owner and creative force of Remarkable Renovations. The Ventnor City company has a 25-year reputation of adapting the structural integrity of a lovely house into an innovative, unique home. We can speak from experience–our own home was renovated by Debbie and her experienced team.

Read More

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