The Parkway Section of Margate NJ

The “Parkway” section of Margate is one of the most sought after locations on the South Jersey Shore. As History tells the Parkway was going to run from Margate all the way to Atlantic City. When the Stock Market Crashed in 1929 worked stopped right at Mansfield Avenue.

The boundaries of the Margate Parkway District are Mansfield Avenue on the east, Wilson Avenue on the west and the rear property lines behind the house facing the Ventnor Avenue. Today “The Parkway” runs from beach to bay.

The Parkway is actually a very wide section of Ventnor Avenue with landscaped medians that include trees, flower gardens, and fountains.

The houses on either side of the Parkway are large and all are oriented toward Ventnor Ave.
 All buildings within the Parkway are residences except for a church, Margate Community Church.

The houses are large and examples of English Tutor, Spanish Colonial, Dutch Colonial and other styles typical of the period of the “Great” Shore homes.

The “Parkway” section of Margate being one of the most sought after locations in South Jersey, it is no wonder why so much new construction can be found on almost every street.

The actual “Parkway” is an extra wide section of Ventnor Avenue that runs alphabetically from Manchester to Vendome Avenues, flanked on either side by magnificent estate homes and adorned in the center median with beautifully landscaped gardens & multiple pond fountains

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