Margate’s Famous Lucy The Elephant- A National Historic Landmark

Lucy The Elephant

Good old Lucy The Elephant recently celebrated her 137th birthday! Lucy is considered a national historic landmark located along the beach in Josephine Harron Park in Margate, New Jersey. James V. Lafferty Jr. was responsible for the designing and building of Lucy back in 1881. He hoped that this new surprising attraction would bring in visitors and potential property buyers to his land, and it did! Fun fact- Lucy is older than both the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower! In 1970 a ‘Save Lucy Committee‘ was formed and a door-to-door canvas by volunteers raised enough money to finance the move of Lucy. On July 20th, 1970, Lucy (all 90 tons of her) was carried via a trailer towed behind a truck about 100 yards down Atlantic Avenue to her new home at the corner of S. Decatur Avenue. Guided tours are available through Lucy to learn about her unique architecture and history! Come on down to our beloved hometown to see our neighbor Lucy!

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